Referee Game Report

Please fill out all fields. If you had no misconducts, please write 'No misconducts'. Please make sure you report any field deficiencies or other issues at the game. Submit one report for each game.

*Note*: Please call your Referee Coordinator if you had any misconducts during your game and send an email describing the misconducts! It is very important to get this information within 24 hours!

Reason Codes listd below the form.

OnLine Referee Game Report
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Home Score:
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Enter Cards/Misconducts Below

Card Reason Codes:

  • C1 - Unsporting Behavior
  • C2 - Dissent (Word/Action)
  • C3 - Persistent Infringement
  • C4 - Delays Restart of Play
  • C5 - Fails to Respect Required Dist.
  • C6 - Enters Field (W/O Permission)
  • C7 - Leaves Field (W/O Permission)
  • E1 - Serious Foul Play
  • E2 - Violent Conduct
  • E3 - Spitting At
  • E4 - Denied Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity (Handling)
  • E5 - Denied Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity (Opponent)
  • E6 - Offensive, Abusive, Insulting Language
  • E7 - Received Second Caution (Same Match)

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